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Big bag for waste hire

Big Bag for garbage

V.A  129,-

3m3 skip rental

3m3 waste skip

V.A  149,-

6m3 skip rental

6m3 skip

V.A  169,-


10m3 skip

V.A  269,-

10m3 skip closed rental

10m3 Closed skip

V.A  259,-

15m3 RoRo skip rental

RoRo skip 15m3

V.A  379,-

20m3 RoRo skip rental

20m3 RoRo skip

V.A  549,-

Order 40m3 RoRo skip

40m3 RoRo skip

V.A  799,-


Rent a skip easily

Ordering a skip provides a lot of convenience and saves you a lot of time. You don't have to go to the junkyard, you can keep on working and you don't have waste floating around while you're doing the job: that's more convenient, but also safer. And you can simply rent a skip online. We deliver throughout the Netherlands and ordered before 16:00 is next day at your door.

Especially if you can put the skip on your own property, it works quickly. Just make sure there is enough room to place the skip and that it can't damage anything, a full container can weigh quite a bit.


  • Unsure about size? Order a larger skip
    Renting a second skip would be more expensive.
  • Check if you need a permit
    On private property is allowed, on public property you sometimes need a permit.
  • Know what is allowed in your skip
    Check this for your waste type so you know exactly what all can go in.

Choice Guide

Not sure which skip you need?
Find out in a few clicks.

How do you order a skip?

1. Determine skip size

To order the right skip, it is important to know how big it should be. Therefore, estimate how much waste will be generated. If you find that difficult, do the skip Check above. When in doubt between 2 sizes, order the larger one. There is usually more waste than you think and 2 small ones are more expensive than 1 large one. If you have a small job, you may have enough with a Big Bag, otherwise you have containers of 3 cubic meters, 6 cubic meters, 10 cubic meters and even bigger.

2. Choose waste type

There are many different types of waste you can rent a skip for. Why there are so many different types of waste has to do with how they are processed. We strive to recycle all types of waste as much as possible to keep the burden on the environment as low as possible. Do you have bulky waste, construction and demolition waste or rubble waste? Read on the pages of the various waste types what can and cannot go in the skip to determine what type of waste you need.

3. Ordering a skip

Then you can order the skip and select a desired placement date. You pay easily with iDeal, credit card or afterwards via Klarna. After ordering, the skip is placed as soon as possible (often the next business day). You pay a fixed rate including BTW. The container can be left for 4 weeks rent-free.

Order directly
Skip rental in city

Material and construction of skips

The skips are made of sturdy metal and coated with a thick layer of special coating. They can take a beating, so you can dump rocks and hard metals into the container without a problem, even from a higher floor with a chute, for example.

Lowered front end

The front of the open skips are lowered so you can easily throw your waste in. Especially for heavy trash, this is nice because you don't have to lift it high. The height is made so that, with a ramp angled against the front, you can empty the wheelbarrow into the skip. Dense RoRo skips such as a 20m3 or 40m3 have a door and low entry, so you can drive the wheelbarrow into the RoRo skip even without a ramp.

What if it rains?

Rain can be annoying while doing odd jobs. The skip can withstand this just fine, so at least you don't have to worry about that. There are no holes in the bottom of the skip. If it rains hard, there may be a layer of water in the skip and the waste will get wet and possibly heavier. When you rent a skip, you pay an all-in price. So you don't get a surcharge for the extra weight of rain. You don't need to cover the skip with a construction tarp to protect it from rainwater. However, a tarp or closed skip can be useful to prevent others from throwing trash into your skip.

If you don't like the waste getting wet, or a layer of water in the skip, for example because the water might splash when you throw heavy things in, you can also choose to take a 10m3 closed skip. This one has a valve that you use to close the skip. There is also an option to lock the valve with a padlock (not included).

Frequently asked questions about skip rental

The skip is placed between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. Per day, all placement orders are scheduled on a route. The placement time depends on the route of the truck. On the day of placement, we can inquire if your skip is scheduled for the morning or afternoon.

In busy periods, not all our carriers give a time indication because they cannot always keep to this. Tip: if you want to start your job on a certain day, have the skip placed a day earlier if possible.

The skip may remain rent-free for up to 4 weeks. Do you need the skip longer? That's no problem. After 4 weeks you pay 15 euros rent per week for a skip up to 10m3. For RoRo skips (15, 20, 40m3) the rent per week is 35 euros. Note: You have to indicate yourself that the Roro skip has to be disposed of. As long as no disposal order follows, a new rental invoice will be sent each week.

Please note that 4 weeks is our defined rent-free period. Municipalities in the Netherlands apply their own periods which can vary from 48 hours to 8 weeks. Therefore, always check this with your municipality.

The skip is not automatically picked up after 4 weeks. You tell us yourself when it can go. You can do this as follows:

  • Using the drain button in the order confirmation email.
  • Through the disposal form on the website
  • Telephone
  • Via chat

If the skip stays longer than 4 weeks, rent will be charged from that time on. The rent is € 15,00 per week for 3m3, 6m3 and 10m3 containers. For Roro skips 14m3, 20m3 and 40m3, a rental fee of 35 euros per weather is charged. If no disposal order is issued, a rental invoice will follow once a week.

We charge an all-in rate. However, this is based on a number of conditions:

1. The correct waste type is in the container at disposal.
If there is a waste type in the container that is "more expensive" than the waste type ordered (e.g. rubble ordered and construction waste disposed of), a correction invoice will be sent for the additional cost. Check our waste types page to see what is and is not allowed in your container.

2. The container can be placed and disposed of freely and safely.
When the driver cannot reach the container or cannot place the container due to space, an empty trip is charged. Also when the container is overloaded so that it cannot be safely moved, an empty trip will be charged. An empty trip costs €120,- incl. VAT (for containers from 15m3 applies €175).

3. There are no mattresses or electrical appliances in it.
Mattresses are not allowed in the container due to fire hazard. Also not in a bulky waste container. Should the waste disposal company find a mattress, the costs of €50 per mattress will be charged.

Electrical appliances are subject to a surcharge per appliance of 30 euros. In the Netherlands, these must be taken to a recycling place. This can be done at hardware stores, the municipal yard and electronics stores. Thrift stores also accept appliances to repair or use for parts.

4. The container does not stand longer than 4 weeks.
After 4 weeks you pay €15.00 rent per week for 3m3, 6m3 and 10m3 containers. For larger containers the rental price is €35,00 per week. You have to indicate yourself that the container has to be disposed of. As long as no disposal order follows, a new rental invoice will be sent each week.

Commercial waste?

If you have commercial waste, you don't want to spend a lot of time on this. Just order your skip easily online.

Read more about commercial waste or

Commercial waste


Bigbag came neatly in the mail. When it was full sent an email and it was picked up the very next day.


Neatly handled according to online ordering and retrieval.


Prompt delivery of bigbag by mail and quick pickup with clear instructions.


Clear communication, keep appointments and good price


Neatly brought and picked up on time.


Had ordered a 6m3 container comes on time and Was picked up on time.... And not expensive compared to others


Very good and easy approach. A surprising amount still fit in a bigbag, neatly collected!

serkan briefcase

by phone I was helped very kindly

Pleun Verhagen

Big Bag ordered and delivered on time. 15/2/23 notified full Big Bag to be picked up, received confirmation that it would be within 1-3 days....


A phone call and a container the next day.


Requested online,next day the debris bag, clearly on site to find what is allowed regarding waste, after notification to pick up day after also carried out,fine progress....


The container was brought on time and also picked up nicely. No complaints at all.

Kees Nieuwkoop

The container was neatly delivered on the requested day and put in the place that was marked. Pick up was also done according to the specification.


The delivery of the Big Bag was super fast. Through the mail, perfect. The disposal was a little more difficult. But after email contact arranged perfectly and I...

Wim Belder

Quick and easy to arrange everything via decente and mail.


Neat service and quick removal of your waste.


Unfortunately, the container was not picked up until after several reminders


The process of ordering and picking up again is well explained and easy to go through Recommended


Fast and good service. Definitely recommend!


Delivery as per agreement. Container is placed neatly.


Fine website, with enough information to determine which container you need. Price is good. Container is delivered quickly by a friendly driver. Collection request...

Reindert Ponsteen

we had no experience with containeronline before but it is well taken care of!

Fokko Drok

The container was neatly placed in the right place. Also picked up neatly as agreed.