Containers|Verbouwen| 26 juni 2023

40 kuub container voor het zware werk

Een 40 kuub container is geen lichtgewicht in de wereld van afvalverwerking, maar een onmisbaar hulpmiddel als het gaat om zwaar werk en grote volumes. Wist je bijvoorbeeld dat deze container genoeg ruimte biedt voor…

6 tips to avoid extra costs rebuilding
Preventing damage|Tips|Rebuilding| Sept. 3, 2021

6 tips to avoid extra costs

When you rent a skip for a particular job, you pay a fee for the rental of the skip, pickup, delivery and for handling the waste. This is a flat fee, but...

separating on the construction site
Waste types|Recycling|Rebuilding| July 2, 2021

Sustainable: separate waste on construction site

Some 22.5 million construction and demolition waste is released in the Netherlands every year. This waste comes mainly from large construction and renovation projects. This waste can be properly recycled when collected separately. Are you going for sustainable and...

20 kuub container
Containers|Verbouwen| 13 juni 2021

20 kuub container, wanneer gebruik je die?

Bij het plannen van een grote klus of het ontruimen van een huis na een overlijden, is het kiezen van de juiste afvalcontainer cruciaal. Hoewel kleinere containers van3m3,  6m³ of 10m³ geschikt zijn voor de…

Waste container on Saturday
Tips|Rebuilding| April 2, 2021

Waste container on Saturday?

Sweetly scheduled the weekend to get that job done in the house (or have it done). But what do you do with the construction waste? Can you even have a dumpster placed on Saturday and what time will it arrive? Saturday morning...

removal of debris recycling
Recycling|Rebuilding| November 3, 2020

Debris disposal. How is debris recycled?

Bathroom tiles, bricks, loose fragments of stone, roof tiles, sidewalk and patio tiles, gravel tiles, masonry rubble and concrete. This all falls under the waste type of clean rubble. This waste is usually released during demolition work and when separated can be...

This is how long a dumpster may remain
Tips|Rebuilding| July 15, 2020

This is how long a dumpster may remain

Quickly clean up the mess or remodel for an extended period of time. Jobs come in all shapes and sizes. That's why you want the choice of renting a dumpster for one day, a few days or for a longer period of time. Here's how this works.