What is a residual wheelie bin?

A residual wheelie bin is identified by its black lid and is a wheelie bin specifically for residual waste.

Every business has residual waste. Residual waste is the waste you usually throw in the trash. Think of tea bags, leftover food or plastic packaging. If you have a lot of food scraps or (plastic) packaging, it makes sense to get a separate one for swill (food scraps) or PD (plastic) in addition to a residual wheelie bin.

660 liter wheelie bin residual waste

Residual waste collection by businesses

As a business, you are required to separate your waste as much as possible. This is more difficult with smaller businesses. They usually have a residual wheelie bin and one for paper and cardboard. If you have more waste, you are expected to separate better. Waste that cannot be separated goes into the residual wwheelie bin.

What happens to residual waste

In the past, all residual waste ended up in landfills. Today, it is being put back to sustainable use. All residual waste goes to large, modern waste-to-energy plants (AEC). There it is incinerated. The enormous heat generated in the process is converted into energy in special turbines. The ash that remains is used by the Department of Public Works to raise the level of roads.


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