What exactly are you signing for? Below are the terms of the agreement. The agreement is subject to the general terms and conditions of acceptance conditions.

  • You enter into an agreement for 1 year or terminable monthly. If you choose a 1-year contact, it will be automatically renewed after 12 months at the then current rate to an open-ended contract, terminable monthly.
  • Monthly cancelable rates are 10% higher than the rate for a 1-year agreement. Want to continue taking advantage of the low rate after one year? Then renew the agreement for another year by emailing info@containeronline.nl.
  • The rates are reset every year on January 1 based on the national price level. You will find the new rates as of January 1 on the website and otherwise you will see them on the first invoice of the new calendar year.
  • On the day of emptying, the skip must be accessible at 7 a.m. on the public road or the agreed location. Missed empties will not be compensated. Can't make it to the next collection day? Then you can request an extra emptying at your own expense. The garbage truck drives on route. It is therefore not possible to make arrangements regarding a time. If you are not present at 7 a.m., then put the skip on the road the night before. Basically just like the container at home.
  • Big delivery or had a party? Within your agreement, you can always request an extra layaway.
  • You may only throw waste into the skip for which it is intended. You can find the entire list in the acceptance conditions. If other waste is found in the skip, an additional charge will follow.
  • The skip must weigh a maximum of 90 kg/m3. If the container is repeatedly too heavy, a charge will be made for the extra weight. This weight is calculated for normal use. For example, if you have a lot of food waste or glass (=heavy) then the container may become too heavy.
  • Billing is on the basis of direct debit. By signing the agreement you agree to SEPA for the collection of the monthly amount on the agreement and any additional costs (always in consultation).
  • Do you want to terminate the agreement? A 1-year contract always runs until the end date of the contract and can be terminated monthly thereafter. You can cancel by sending us an e-mail.
  • After the termination of the agreement, we will pick up the skip from you and it will be cleaned. You will receive a final bill of 82 euros for the transportation costs and cleaning.

Still not convinced? Here's a fun fact: Many collectors charge an environmental levy. This charge was invented and is not mandatory as some claim. Does your current collector charge this? If so, switching to ContainerOnline will save you this levy anyway.