Contractor bags

f.a.  10,95 BTW inclusive per month

Demolish or remodel quickly and efficiently? Use demolition waste bags to collect the (demolition) waste. This way you walk back and forth to the dumpster less often with waste. You can throw the waste with bag and all into a construction and demolition waste container or empty it and reuse it. Do you have a container for (clean) debris? Then make sure that the bags not are allowed in the dumpster. The bags are made of woven plastic and this is considered waste. A debris container is then rejected to a construction and demolition waste container.

The demolition waste bags are sent by mail and not included with the container. The delivery time of the bags is 1-3 business days. They can be purchased in 3 different sizes per 5 or per 10 pieces. If you buy them per 10 pieces, you will pay less per bag and be cheaper.

  • small: 35 L (45x75cm) -
    Per 5: € 10,95
    Per 10: € 13,95
  • medium: 60 L (60x90cm)
    Per 5: € 13,95
    Per 10: € 16,95
  • Large: 120 L (70x115cm)
    Per 5: € 16,95
    Per 10: € 21,95
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